Skiing has taken me all over the world on some wonderful adventures. I’ve seen some amazing places that truly inspire and have taken my breath away. Traveling is a serious bug for me. I love visiting new places, experiencing different cultures and especially trying all kinds of new food. Here you’ll find my pieces of heaven on Earth for winter, summer and the in between.

Photo credit: Lucas Dawson Photography

Cold buster drink

It’s that time of year down under and winter is settling in. The common cold is making it’s way around households, workplaces, kindergartens, schools and day care centres. Never fear, the cold buster drink is here! I got this home recipe off an athlete... read more

Canton Trade Fair – How to start a business in China

Eight years ago I experienced the lowest point of my aerial skiing career. I’d blown out my knee for the 2nd time within a 6 month period. Magnifying the horror of the injury, it just so happened in the semi final of the 2006 Olympics. My hopes and dreams were... read more

Travelling with infants and toddlers

I would say we’re a well-traveled family. Travelling is engrained in our lifestyle. Trust me, there’s been plenty of times during my skiing career when I’ve just wanted to be home in my own bed, but I can’t imagine not wanting to travel. Not wanting to explore this... read more

THE UN MAT- My Travel Companion

I am constantly on the fly. Packing and unpacking is continuous and where I go, my yoga mat goes. It never gets left behind. It’s an essential. It’s like my magic carpet. I only have 2 requirements in a travelling yoga mat. Be light Be grippy... read more

Pregnancy Diary Week 8 -THE LONG DRIVE HOME

Our bub is the size of a kidney bean! This week we’re making our way back to Finland. Thankfully the weather has improved there and summer has finally arrived. We’ve left Split and spent a couple of days exploring Plitzvice National Park, which is one of the most... read more

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