Summertime sadness

It’s mid November and summer is on it’s way down under. I’m looking forward to spending time in the sand, sun and surf. Time with family and friends, time building a new home, concentrating on my business BodyICE, staying put for a while and enjoying the rest of my pregnancy. There’s so much in life to look forward to at the moment, but I can’t help feel a tug in a different direction.

As the snow falls in the Northern Hemisphere and my team mates and friends arrive into training locations all over the world, I can’t shake off the feeling that I’m missing out on something. I’m missing out on what has become normality for me. The athlete life: travelling, training, snow, competing, freezing temperatures, more snow, constant aching body, workouts, ice baths, more snow……

It’s crazy, but I’m having withdrawals. I’ve got that summertime sadness.

I’ve felt it before of course…. there’s been times in my career when I’ve sat seasons out due to injury and of course when I was pregnant with Kai. I’m wondering if this feeling will ever go away?  When will it stop? Does it ever stop? I guess I’ll find out some day.

Good luck my winter friends and foes. Stay safe and savour each moment. Face your fears and live your dreams. xxxx

 Summertime sadness




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