Pregnancy Diary Week 8 -THE LONG DRIVE HOME

Our bub is the size of a kidney bean!

Kidney bean

This week we’re making our way back to Finland. Thankfully the weather has improved there and summer has finally arrived. We’ve left Split and spent a couple of days exploring Plitzvice National Park, which is one of the most amazing places I have ever come across. The national park is filled with beautiful cascading waterfalls and lakes with the clearest water I have ever seen.  The only downside is not being able to swim in the beautiful water. What a tease. We did lots of walking over the two days of exploring the area and the scenery from the walking trails was magical everywhere you looked.

I feel a lot better when I’m moving and it’s been nice to have spent the last couple of days walking and soaking up the beautiful nature.

From Plitzvice we’re heading north through Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and on a ferry across to Helsinki. The roads are not as great through the Baltics but we still managed it in 3 days and overnighted in Vienna, Warsaw (lot’s of mozzies) and Riga (beautiful city and surprisingly delicious sushi dinner).

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.08.04 am

In 2 weeks we’ve driven 5500kms by car, caught 3 ferries and travelled through 14 countries. By driving, we saw a lot and Kai was an absolute champ keeping entertained with his Ipad, sticker books, toy cars and drawing pads.

However, I’m looking forward to getting back to Finland, sleeping in and staying put for a while!

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