Pregnancy Diary Week 34 – Saying Goodbye

Our bub is the size of a rock melon!


My 34th week of pregnancy has come and gone and I really feel I’m on the home stretch now. This week was a mixed bag. The festivities with friends and family continued as we brought in the New Year and said goodbye to 2014. So much happened in 2014 and a variety at that! From competing at my 4th Winter Olympics to a second baby and new house plans on the way. It couldn’t have more contrast! I guess that keeps life interesting though.34 weeks

Sadly we also said goodbye to my grandmother ‘Yiayia’ as she passed away New Years Day. She had been frail for some time now. As hard as it is to let go of her, I know she’s at peace now and reunited with family and friends that have passed many years before her. I’m thankful I got to say goodbye and she will not be forgotten. Not ever. She has been a source of inspiration my entire life. The Queen of our family. The figure that has kept us closely knitted together. It’s never easy saying goodbye to someone you love but there’s comfort in knowing she lived a long and full life and in her final hours was surrounded by her family. RIP Yiayia – the toughest lady I know.

Pregnancy is progressing well. Other than my diaphragm feeling like it’s jammed up into my rib cage I’m doing pretty good. Sleeping has been a bit of an issue and lying down seems to bring on the feeling of breathlessness so I’ve had a few nights of tossing and turning to get comfortable. I’ve been quite active this week with working out in the gym, long walks/runs, swimming laps and I also found a good yoga teacher in town to continue my practice and learning. Even though I enjoy the holiday season, I’ve really needed some moments to myself this week. Time to think, breathe, escape and focus on the baby and upcoming birth. I had a night at the movies to see The Hobbit and booked in for a massage to just unwind and get some me time.

My body is feeling heavy at the moment, especially in the heat we had this week, so being in the salty ocean has been and idyllic way to cool down and feel weightless.

Back to work next week and I’m looking forward to refocusing for 2015. There’s a lot to do and it’s going to be a jam packed and busy year!

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