Pregnancy Diary Week 16 – 2nd Trimester Workout

Our bub is the size of an avocado!


16 weeksAll ‘growing’ fine this week. One thing that strikes me more this pregnancy (compared to my last) is the difference in my belly size in the AM as opposed to the PM. When I wake up, I generally still look normal and my bump is not overly pronounced, however, come evening and it’s tripled in size! I did some reading up on it…but to my disappointment, I didn’t find any scientific explanation. Forums suggest it’s common symptom and it’s just gas build up throughout the day. However, it would be nice to know for sure and is on my list to ask my obstetrician.

Anyway, I’ve attached my gym program that I’ve been doing whilst in the 2nd trimester. It’s a mixture of exercises I’ve done in the past particularly for pelvis and back stability as well as strength building. They are general exercises that I feel comfortable doing at this stage of my pregnancy. These are in addition to the pelvic floor and TvA exercises I’ve posted previously in week 9 (which I will do throughout my entire pregnancy). It’s important to do all of these exercises slowly and stay focused on control and technique.

* All the exercises I post on this blog are just what I do. I’m familiar with these exercises and my body. They may not be suitable for you. If you’re unsure, get an expert opinion, be sensible with your body and know your capabilities!  

Gym workout: 2nd Trimester

Phase 1: Warm up/activation

1. Walking TFL stretch

2. Theraband crab walks 2 x 8


  • Slightly bend your knees, step sideways slowly pressing the outside of your foot towards the ceiling
  • Bring the other foot in to meet it and repeat 8-10times. Then go back the opposite way
  • You should feel the outside of your gluteal muscles working

3. Theraband airplanes 2 x 8


  • Slightly bend your standing leg. Feel the weight through your heel
  • Slow and controlled

4. Ball Squats with rotation 2 x 8 each side



  • Press non supporting leg gently against ball
  • Weight through heel of supporting leg as you squat


Phase 2: Strength

5. Single leg mini squat (smith machine) 3 x 6-8


  • Sit back into your glute when you squat and feel the weight through your heel
  • Keep your hips level as you squat

6. Single leg back lunge 3 x 6-8 (Superset with single leg mini squat)


  • Weight through heel and sit into your glute as you lunge backwards tipping your chest forward
  • Press through your heel and glute as you stand back up

7. Cross step up 3 x 6-8


  • Press your weight through your heel as your step up
  • Slow and controlled up and down

 8. Single leg bridge on swiss ball with leg movements (superset with cross step up)

1 x 8 up/down

1 x 6-8 side to side

1 x 6-8 figure 8 circles


  • Really important to not let hips drop. If they do, stop or reduce reps
  • Feel weight pressing up trhough supporting heel
  • Keep ribs down, TvA turned on and hips level

 9. Chest push out 3 x 8


  • Activate pelvic floor and TvA
  • Keep ribs down.

10. Thoracic Row 3 x8 (superset with thoracic row)


  • Roll forward only to where you start to feel a stretch in your lower back.

11. Lat pull down 3×8


  • Keep ribs down
  • Set shoulder blades back and down as you pull the bar down
  • Change your grip each set. Forward grip, under grip and wide grip

12. Ball roll outs 3 x 8 (superset with lat pull down)


  • Activate pelvic floor and TvA before rolling out
  • Don’t let your hips dip and keep them level

13. Ab lowers 3 x 8


  • Activate pelvic floor and TvA
  • Keep ribs flat as you lift up and slowly lower down pressing tailbone toward the floor

14. Swiss ball hamstring curls 3 x 8 (superset with ab lowers)


  • roll out slow
  • fast switch up
  • ribs down and hips level

* Don’t forget to cool down after each workout with some stretching esp. glutes, shoulders and hamstrings


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