Pregnancy Diary 38 Weeks – Nesting

Our bub is as long as a leek!


Now that I’m at the tail end of this pregnancy, I can feel the excitement build. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. It also a time of mixed emotions. At times, I feel confident and ready to take on the forces of natural labour – determined to naturally and calmly birth our baby (will let you know how I go with that). I also have moments of fear and worry. Hoping that the baby is healthy. Hoping that I will cope with the birth and that everything runs smoothly. I feel so much love for newby inside and so much wonder for who this little person innately is. Girl? Boy? Arty? Sporty? Shy? Outgoing? The list is endless.

38 weeksWhatever the case, I’m trying to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. Focusing on my breathing helps me to do that especially when I feel weird or uncomfortable sensations in my body. In my athlete life, breathing techniques are familiar practice and standard preparation for any major event. Tightening up with fear, tightens your mind and body – not an optimal performance state. So, remaining positive, staying calm and having trust in myself and my support team is key. Same goes for labour and birth…. I would think? Another important fact I remind myself of is that women have been birthing their babies since the beginning of time. It’s a natural process, not a medical condition (unless there are complications) and a process you can’t so much control, but instead surrender too. What will be, will be I suppose.

I had another check up this week which involves the usual monitoring and ultrasound. The benefits of having a private obstetrician is being able to see the progress and hear the heart beating each time I visit, which reassures that everything is on track. At 38 weeks you can’t see too much on the ultrasound. I can imagine it’s getting pretty squishy inside but we did the usual measurements of the amniotic fluid, head circumference, humerus and femur bones. All looking good. I really felt as though the baby had dropped lower this week, however when the doc checked, he said the head position was still fairly high.

This week I really felt myself in full nesting mode – mopping floors, cleaning windows and washing bed linen. I detest ironing, but somehow I’ve really enjoyed the process of washing and ironing all the baby clothes and linen. It’s all so sweet and tiny. Everything is in place now and ready, which is a nice feeling. I’ve actually enjoyed the cold snap of weather this January and consider myself quite lucky to have escaped what could be scorching heat.

Next week, we’ll make the move back to Melbourne until the birth. My mother-in-law Leena is arriving from Finland so she’ll be a great distraction for Kai and he’s so excited she’s coming. Until then xxx

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