Pregnancy Diary 37 Weeks – Australia Day

Our bub is as long as a stalk of rainbow chard!


37 weeks is an exciting benchmark in pregnancy. You are considered to be full term any time between 37 and 42 weeks so there’s comfort in knowing that if our baby was born any time from now – it’s fully cooked and equipped to survive on the outside. It’s also exciting to know we’re nearing the end of our pregnancy journey and will soon meet the little person we’ve created.

The start of this week was quite jam packed. I flew to Sydney on Tuesday for the day and arrived back in Melbourne and headed straight to the Australian Open that night. Needless to say, I was a little zonked the next day! We made some great progress with our house plans this week and have placed them up for advertising -which means people have 2 weeks to raise any objections.  Hopefully there are none and we can then proceed to get our planning permit. It’s a process but we’re making good progress so far. Our Australia Day celebrations were fairly mild and had a quiet weekend with some friends which was nice.

37 weeks

One word to sum up how I’m feeling? Excited. I’m really looking forward to the birth and determined to have this baby as naturally as possible. I’ve been practising my breathing, visualising and preparing the best I can  – just like for any major event.  My daily routine has focused a lot on yoga, meditation and swimming, so hopefully that will all pay off during the birthing process and I’ll have enough resources to draw on to get me through the challenge.

Symptom wise, I feel relaxed and my body is holding up pretty good. I get a bit of back pain and pelvis pain if I’ve been on my feet a lot, but with swimming, a few yoga poses and stability exercises, I can relieve that fairly quickly. I’ve also noticed more discharge this week. Not excessive but another sign that my body is readying itself. I love not knowing exactly when our baby will arrive. It could be any time now! On that note, it’s time to pack my hospital bag and get the baby gear out of plastic tubs, washed and freshened up! Some would say I’m leaving it a bit late, but in my head, I’m right on time:)


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