Pregnancy Diary 36 weeks – Birthday Week!

Our bub is the length of a large cos lettuce!


 Just when I thought the weeks were slipping by too fast, they seem to have sped up even more as I near the end of my pregnancy. I’m a little late with this post and the 36th week zoomed by in a flash! It was my Birthday week – so I guess that’s a good excuse!

The week kicked off with Kai’s first sessions in occasional care. Given he’s about to start 3-years old kindergarten and has never been in childcare,  I thought it would be a good idea to get him started in some kind of day care where he gets to play in a more organised way. Day 1 started off ok and Kai was so excited to have a backpack and a packed lunch, but as soon as we got there, he decided he didn’t want me to go and turned on the waterworks. I peeled myself away from him (horrible feeling) and left him in the wonderful hands of the teachers. I’m fairly certain he continued to cry until I picked him up as his eyes were swollen and red…poor little darling. He went again the next day and although he didn’t want me to leave again, he didn’t cry when I left and I picked him up happy painting and playing with the other kids. As a special prize for his good behaviour I bought him a new bus to add to his excessive automobile collection. Who know what goes through their little minds. Did he think I wasn’t coming back?

36 weeks

We  headed to Melbourne as I had a couple of appointments and events to attend. I also found myself in the edit suite for final sounds edits for my documentary – The Will To Fly. Can’t believe the film is nearly complete! I haven’t seen much of it  – as I’m paranoid about watching myself on TV, but from what I can gather, it’s turned out to be quite the flick!

In other news, I became an Aunty for the 6th time with my brother and his wife giving birth to a beautiful little girl named Pearl. It’s amazing how you forget how small and floppy newborns are and I found myself fumbling to hold her. I know it’s different with your own child, somehow you’re more natural and you feel more confident. Nevertheless a good warm up for what lies ahead in the next few weeks or so!

I had a visit with my obstetrician this week and all is looking good. The baby is a good size (for my body)….let’s face it, it’s not going to be a giant! I get a buzz every time I see it’s little hands and feet through the ultrasound and hear its heartbeat. It’s so beautiful and a nice moment to connect with the baby and the life-force.

We headed back to Lorne for the last half of the week and I spent my 33rd birthday celebrating with family and friends who spoiled me with spa vouchers as well as an electric scooter from Lauri! Not bad! I think I’ll have to wait till the bub is out before I start scooting around town though.

Physically, I felt tired this week. My sleeping hasn’t been great as I heave myself over from side to side during the night – switching sides as my hips alternate in going numb. I also got some cramping this week which I’m guessing were Braxton-Hicks contractions. Nothing too uncomfortable, but a reminder of what’s to come! Nearly everyday I get a weird feeling in my cervix as the baby adjusts itself and moves around. It’s kind of like something is trying to poke through it (from the inside). It doesn’t hurt, but it feels bazaar. Pregnancy surely is an amazing transformation and I’m glad I’m documenting it all!!

I’m looking forward to using some of my spa vouchers in the next couple of weeks to recharge my heavy, achey body! xxx


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