Pregnancy Diary 35 weeks – Cruise control

Our bub weighs as much as a honeydew melon!



I had a pretty cruisey week this week and I’m really struggling to recall what I actually did! Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones:)

We had my grandmother’s funeral on Wednesday followed by her wake which was in Melbourne. As expected, it was difficult to say goodbye as I have so many great memories spent with her. I had the pleasure of delivering the eulogy which was a collaboration of all her grandchildrens’ memories and it was a nice way for me to pay tribute to a beautiful soul that taught me many life lessons. Somehow there’s comfort knowing that the circle of life continues with myself and my sister-in-law heavily pregnant and ready to bring new lives into the world.

35 weeks

I felt pretty drained after the funeral and spent the next couple of days in a lethargic fog. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten back into a consistent yoga routine and I’m so relieved to have found a yogi true to her craft in the small town of Lorne. It’s been exactly what I’ve needed and I can already feel the benefits not only on a physical level but mentally too. I would say my fuse lengthened a little this week and I would put it down to yoga:)

The weather was mixed with sunny moments but mostly wet in Lorne this week which I didn’t mind at all. It gave me a good chance to get some chores done and stay inside while the rain bucketed down. On a whole, I’m doing fine. Lot’s of movement going on with knees, feet and hands poking me left, right and centre. Who knows which way our baby is facing…I’m pretty sure it does a few triple somersaults on a daily basis.

It’s amazing to see how much growth there has been in the last few weeks. I’ve noticed it mostly with my breathing and sleeping and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to role from side to side in bed. It feels like a massive effort! I feel enormous at the moment and I still have another 5 or so weeks to go. I remember getting pretty huge in the last few weeks with Kai too. I guess I wasn’t blessed with a lot of length so the only way the baby has room to grow it outwards!

It’s exciting to know I’m on the tail end of this pregnancy. I’ve been blessed to have had an easy pregnancy and I hope it continues that way through the birth. I guess you never know what to expect – but I’m preparing to have a positive experience nonetheless.

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