Pregnancy Diary 33 weeks – Christmas Cheer

Our bub weighs as much as a pineapple!


I love Christmas! Whether in the snow or the sun, it doesn’t matter. I love that the family gets together, I love preparing a delicious feast and I love giving  (and receiving) special gifts. This week was lovely and fairly stress free. We’re settled into our house in Lorne and given Christmas for our family is spent in Lorne anyway, made it super easy for us. We stocked up on food in Melbourne got back to Lorne to started the preps for the family to arrive. Kai was excited to see the mound of presents piling up under the tree. We played some Finnish Christmas DVD’s sent by his Finnish grandparents and got the Christmas carols and candles going creating the perfect Christmas cheer.

33 weeks

We had a nice and quiet Christmas Eve with mum and dad and prepared a beautiful feast of salted salmon and fish roe to start (a Finnish favourite), followed by a perfectly cooked Turkey with stuffing and all it’s dressings. I didn’t bother with desert because as anticipated, we were all too full anyway! We had a session of opening presents before the arrival of Kai’s cousins and of course set out the freshly baked cookies for Santa with milk and carrots for the reindeer. Kai was so excited to see Santa’s footsteps in the morning as well as the present he left behind. Turns out he got exactly what he asked for in his letter – a nice new green truck.

I’m pretty sure I gave the baby a good fill this week and accelerated my expanding belly! Christmas Day was spent with our extended family and thankfully we were able to bring my grandmother out of the nursing home in Lorne to join us. She hasn’t been doing too well of late, but it was beautiful to see her face light up around her family and 13 great grandchildren! That night we finished off opening presents with the whole family which is a site to see in itself!!

The rest of the week was spent at the beach, going on bush walks and having bbq’s in our favourite spots. Having six little kids in the house is definitely chaotic, but they’ve had a ball together.

Pregnancy wise, I’ve endured quite a bit of heartburn this week which is no surprise given the amount of food I’ve indulged in! To counter that, I’ve been very active and going for lots of walks, swims and sessions in the gym. All in all I feel pretty good – a little tired from the late nights and long days on my feet cooking or running after kids but it’s all part of the festive season and it’s been really fun.

The baby has been so active this week. Lot’s of kicking and moving and my belly already feels so stretched and full with lots of pressure at my sternum and ribs. It’s a little scary to think the baby has another kilo to gain but I’m guessing the breathing will get a lot easier once the baby has dropped a little. I’m religiously listening to my Calmbirth tracks on walks and in the bath or in bed and feel so much more ready and informed for the birth of this baby.

Life is good. I’m grateful for the love I’m surrounded in and the year that has been. There’s quite a bit of contrast to where I was this time last year – in prime physical form preparing to defend my Olympic title and attempting to do what no woman had done before. The quad twisting triple somersault. Fast forward to now…I have a good chuckle to myself. Heavily pregnant and waddling like a duck!

Bring on 2015. Lot’s of things to look forward to!!! xxxx

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