Pregnancy Diary 32 weeks – Settled in

Our bub is as long a stick of celery!


This week was a great week. It was so nice to be finally settled here in Lorne. Although it’s going to be a while until our new house is built, it’s still nice to call this town home and our base. We spent most of the week tinkering around the house and sorting out our things in a stress free way. We took our time  setting up our space the way we like it and also getting the house ready for the family rush over the holidays. It was also a nice opportunity to catch up on work – which has been neglected over the last few weeks during the move.

32 weeksPregnancy wise, everything is fine. I’ve been reading my Calmbirth booklet and listening to the visualisation tracks during baths, on long walks or in bed which I’m loving and finding to be so helpful in keeping me relaxed and focused on bringing this new life into the world in a natural and calm way. My belly is really expanding now and no doubt it will keep on filling out over the last couple of months! Being 5″2, I don’t have much vertical space for the baby to grow in to, so my belly is really starting to protrude outwards now. Symptoms wise, I feel the occasional tension in my sternum and struggle to breathe properly and have had quite a lot of heartburn this week which has made sleeping a little more uncomfortable as I switch from side to side during the night. All in all though, I’m totally fine. It’s exciting to be on the home stretch and I’m keen to meet the little person brewing inside.

I headed back to Melbourne for the weekend to have a hair cut and finish off some Christmas shopping. I must say, I really enjoyed my Christmas shopping this year. I avoided the big shopping complexes and opted for city shopping instead which made it much more enjoyable. I’ve been shopping in stages so I only had to pick up a few more items and it wasn’t stressful at all. I cruised around the city in and out of stores at a leisurely pace, listening to Christmas carols being played in the streets. So much better than the claustrophobic, chaotic feeling of big shopping malls.

I paid a visit to the Victorian Institute of Sport for a workout and swim (I’ve missed that place) before checking myself in for a fantastic pregnancy massage at Body Freedom in South Melbourne. It was heaven and by far the best pregnancy massage I’ve ever had. Therapeutic yet relaxing and just what I and my body needed after 3 weeks of moving house chaos. I’m definitely going to book myself in for another treatment next time I’m in Melbourne.

With Christmas next week, preparations are in full swing. Our family and extended family spends Christmas in Lorne, so it’s going to be great to catch up with everyone and have all the kids run a muck together. Can’t believe 2014 is in its finality – what a year it’s been!

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