Pregnancy Diary 31 weeks – Calmbirth

Our bub weighs as much as a coconut!




As anticipated this week was not as difficult as the last. The stress of moving is over and now it’s all about unpacking, sorting  and organising. You would think for a pregnant woman, my nesting instinct would be loving this process, but to be honest, it’s all a bit overwhelming.  I spent most of the week just sorting out 14 years (and 4 Olympics) of accumulated ski/winter gear. That’s enough to send anyone batty but I’ve managed to arrange everything into labelled plastic tubs…. something I probably should have done right from the beginning. I must say, even though it took me ages, it was a cleansing exercise and I know exactly where everything is now.

31 weeks

31 weeks

Along with sorting the ski gear, I sorted my wardrobe and also all of the baby gear and linen. It’s incredible how many clothes Kai has accumulated in 3 years. Thankfully a lot of his baby clothes are quite neutral, so there will be lot’s of recycling going on for the bub on the way. The moving process seems never ending. Still to arrange is my office and the mounds of accumulated paper work, folders and files plus the challenge of fitting it all into our temporary living arrangements. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We will get through it all one step at a time!

I feel really pregnant this week! A lot heavier and still fatigued and weary from the move last week as I continue the sorting process. Our baby is so active and has been kicking quite violently lately- most likely in protest to the excessive work being done by my body. It’s a sign I suppose to slow down and perhaps delegate a little more. Sleeping hasn’t been great this week as I flip from side to side. At least I don’t have the issue of having to pee every 5 seconds like lots of other pregnant woman I know at the moment. I seem to make it fine through the night without having to go. I’ve tried to do a bit more yoga and pilates this week as a gift of kindness to my body. I also went for a long swim which was great for my back after the move. I have fallen right off the gym band wagon at the moment but hopefully next week I can get back into more of a rhythm. My breasts are a little tender this week and just out of curiosity, I tested to see if there was any milk in the making. Sure enough, small familiar yellow bubbles of colostrum appeared. I remembered when I was pregnant with Kai, that sight freaked me out a little, but this time round, it’s a welcomed sign that all the processes of my body are working and getting ready for my baby.

One of my highlights of the week was the commencement of a new program with Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) called Accelerator. Running my business BodyICE  comes with it’s daily challenges and there are so many facets of running a successful business that can often be overwhelming. I have longed for a mentor but better still, I found Accelerator – a program that provides a face to face forum where I can talk about business in a structured way with other like minded entrepreneurs facing similar challenges. The program is led by a designated mentor (also an entrepreneur) who guides the discussion, helps set the priority items for  your business and helps come up with potential solutions to the challenges. Brilliant. Even though I’ve had only one of the monthly meetings scheduled, I feel this is going to be so helpful in keeping me on track with my business goals.

The other highlight was doing the Calmbirth course written by fellow Aussie Peter Jackson. This was a true eye opener and I would recommend any expecting parents to give themselves the gift of this course. The knowledge you will gain over the weekend will change your birth experience and eliminate fears associated with childbirth. I realised very quickly into the course that when I had Kai three years ago, I was completely naive as most new parents are. But what disturbed me was that I was misinformed about the physiology and the natural process of labour, childbirth and the critical moments shortly afterwards. I didn’t ask the right questions, I didn’t have the facts or the big picture, and I didn’t question medical opinions and for that I needed intervention and ended up being strapped to a bed for most of my 22hr labour. I didn’t by any means have a bad birth experience, but it was by no means pleasant nor empowering. I realised by doing the Calmbirth course, that it could have been a lot different had I prepared better which is what I am determined to do this time. Along with the course you get a series of relaxation and visualisation tracks to practice through in the months/weeks leading into your birth. These help you prepare for the stages of labour and the birth itself using breathing techniques and positive imagery. All things I would do in preparation for an Olympic Games! Childbirth, is a major event and this time round I want to be in control of what is happening in my mind, body and with my baby. Again, I would highly recommend this course. There are registered Calmbirth practitioners throughout the country. You won’t be sorry!

Kai and I took some time out from unpacking/organising and set up our Christmas tree this week. At the same time we were glued to the TV as the awful events of the Sydney Siege took place. A stern reminder to appreciate every moment of life.

Next week we’re staying in Lorne full time. Even though the unpacking and organising will continue, there will be more time to take a breath and settle in. Something I am looking VERY forward to. xxxx

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  1. I think this site gives all the enjoyment of women from a simple girl athlete to a good active mom. I just feel how can we enjoy the pregnancy journey by doing all regular household course and at the same time planning for Christmas. Really hats off to all the mums.


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