Pregnancy Diary 30 Weeks – On the move

Our bub is the size of a cabbage!


I was pretty happy to get to the end of this week. The move took up most of the week but I also managed to get some Christmas shopping done and took Kai to see Santa and the Myer Christmas windows. This year it’s the story of Santa and the three bears which Kai loved.

30 weeks

We finished moving out of our house on Sunday which (as anticipated) was an absolute drainer! Now it’s a matter of sorting out the things we want to take and the things we want to store and relocating to Lorne full time. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years and whilst moving is a draining, tedious process, it’s also quite cleansing to get rid of stuff you just don’t need or use anymore as well as finding hidden treasures that have been completely forgotten about. I took a few trips to the Salvation Army this week and was ruthless with my wardrobe, parting with some old favourites, so hopefully someone else can find a better use for them.

After a week of shifting, packing and cleaning, my body has pulled up pretty sore to say the least. By Sunday night my back and pelvis ached as we said our goodbyes to our home. We slept like babies that night. Kai was a trooper throughout the whole process and was so patient all week mostly playing with bubble wrap and taking rides on the moving trolley.

Next week is going to be much easier. I have a few things to do in Melbourne before continuing the unpacking/sorting process in Lorne. I have a check up with the OB, a couple of Christmas parties, a seminar and I’ve booked in for a Calmbirth course over the weekend which I’m really looking forward to.

During the course, they cover how the laboring mother’s body responds physiologically when fear is present. They also teach practical skills of relaxation, breathing and creative visualisation which can be used during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and beyond. I’ve always been a fan of these kind of techniques and have used them religiously in sport, so I’m excited to implement these same techniques throughout pregnancy and childbirth. For my first pregnancy, I touched on it a little and did a few relaxation and hypnosis activities, but I really went by the guidance of the midwives/OB on the day and the information I gained from the birthing course. This Calmbirth course however, sounds right down my ally!

My exercise routine is out of whack at the moment so I’ve been trying to just stretch and use my pilates reformer when I can to keep my back and hips under control. Once we’re settled in Lorne I’ll be able to get back into the gym, swim and do lots of walking. Can’t wait!

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