Pregnancy Diary 29 Weeks – Hot and bothered

Our bub is the size of a butternut pumpkin!


It hasn’t been my favourite week and it’s been a real mixed bag of good v bad news, hormones going a tad haywire, fatigue and the drag of moving house has taken it’s toll. There were great moments- like my cousin’s wedding on the weekend and seeing my family and friends have a wonderful time together. But in general, I’ve been tired and cranky with a lot to do and not enough time to do it all. Sleeping has started to get more uncomfortable and although I start on my side, throughout the night I find I’ve been waking up on my back and feeling shortness of breath. My body feels like a furnace at the moment and I’m running hot all the time which has also made sleeping uncomfortable. BodyICE has been coming into great use, especially in the hot weather. I’ve been filling the ice bags and just resting them on my head and neck. That and a glass of chilled water has been doing the trick just nicely!

I wish moving house was as simple as moving from A to B but there have been a lot of other things to take into account and I’ve spent most of the week zipping around Melbourne in the heat and traffic doing all sorts of errands leaving me hot and bothered. It will all be over this coming week and I’m looking forward to getting settled into our new town and getting back on track with work/play!

The highlight of my week was having Jeff Hodges in town – my wonderful Sportmind coach. I haven’t seen him since Sochi as he lives in Queensland, so it was great to catch up. Kai is a big fan of the J man too, and we spent most of the night goofing around in a play ground. It’s been strange to not have had much contact with him lately. When I’m in athlete mode, we speak every week and he’s so in tune with what I’m up to and where I’m at. I miss our chats.29 weeks

Well, I finally finished the book ‘Unbroken‘ this week. It took me a while to get through it as I usually read at night but lately I’ve struggled to read more than couple of pages in bed before my eyes have drooped over. Anyway, I loved it and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie coming out soon (directed by Angelina Jolie). It’s an amazing story of survival, resilience and an inspiringly wonderful read. I highly recommend.

Head down, bum up to get the move finished this week ….until then xxx

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