Pregnancy Diary 38 Weeks – Nesting

Our bub is as long as a leek! Now that I’m at the tail end of this pregnancy, I can feel the excitement build. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. It also a time of mixed emotions. At times, I feel confident and ready to take on the forces of natural... read more

Pregnancy Diary 37 Weeks – Australia Day

Our bub is as long as a stalk of rainbow chard! 37 weeks is an exciting benchmark in pregnancy. You are considered to be full term any time between 37 and 42 weeks so there’s comfort in knowing that if our baby was born any time from now – it’s fully... read more


I have been eating so much of this Cypriot Grain Salad lately. It’s so delicious, nutrient dense and filling. There’s a few variations out there but this one I stole from my Aunty Androulla and I think it’s one of the best around! SERVES 8... read more

Pregnancy Diary 36 weeks – Birthday Week!

Our bub is the length of a large cos lettuce!  Just when I thought the weeks were slipping by too fast, they seem to have sped up even more as I near the end of my pregnancy. I’m a little late with this post and the 36th week zoomed by in a flash! It was my... read more

Pregnancy Diary 35 weeks – Cruise control

Our bub weighs as much as a honeydew melon!   I had a pretty cruisey week this week and I’m really struggling to recall what I actually did! Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones:) We had my grandmother’s funeral on Wednesday followed by her wake... read more

Pregnancy Diary Week 34 – Saying Goodbye

Our bub is the size of a rock melon! My 34th week of pregnancy has come and gone and I really feel I’m on the home stretch now. This week was a mixed bag. The festivities with friends and family continued as we brought in the New Year and said goodbye to 2014.... read more

Pregnancy Diary 33 weeks – Christmas Cheer

Our bub weighs as much as a pineapple! I love Christmas! Whether in the snow or the sun, it doesn’t matter. I love that the family gets together, I love preparing a delicious feast and I love giving  (and receiving) special gifts. This week was lovely and fairly... read more

Pregnancy Diary 32 weeks – Settled in

Our bub is as long a stick of celery! This week was a great week. It was so nice to be finally settled here in Lorne. Although it’s going to be a while until our new house is built, it’s still nice to call this town home and our base. We spent most of the... read more

Pregnancy Diary 31 weeks – Calmbirth

Our bub weighs as much as a coconut!     As anticipated this week was not as difficult as the last. The stress of moving is over and now it’s all about unpacking, sorting  and organising. You would think for a pregnant woman, my nesting instinct... read more

Pregnancy Diary 30 Weeks – On the move

Our bub is the size of a cabbage! I was pretty happy to get to the end of this week. The move took up most of the week but I also managed to get some Christmas shopping done and took Kai to see Santa and the Myer Christmas windows. This year it’s the story of... read more

Pregnancy Diary 29 Weeks – Hot and bothered

Our bub is the size of a butternut pumpkin! It hasn’t been my favourite week and it’s been a real mixed bag of good v bad news, hormones going a tad haywire, fatigue and the drag of moving house has taken it’s toll. There were great moments- like my... read more

Pregnancy Diary 28 weeks – The birth plan

Our bub weighs over 1kg – like your litre water bottle! Things went smoothly this week. I spent half my time in Lorne preparing for our move in the next couple of weeks. We’ve got a lot of packing up to do yet, but with a few helpful hands it will get done... read more

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