Newborn Photography – Lorna Kirkby

When my first-born son Kai was a newborn, I didn’t get any professional shots taken of him. I just didn’t get around to it, so when the opportunity arose to be a part of a newborn photography workshop with Alek, I enthusiastically accepted. The newborn phase passes by so quickly and Alek has changed so much even in just 2 weeks, so I wanted to capture him in the here and now before it’s too late.

The photographer, Lorna Kirkby aka the ‘baby whisperer’ and her lovely assistant Emily opened my eyes to the art of newborn photography. Sitting in the natural light of Lorna’s home with photography students closely watching and absorbing her every move, I got to see first hand, the skill, effort an technique involved in capturing artistically beautiful photographs of newborn babies. It’s no easy task and there’s a lot involved in getting a newborn to sit, lie and pose peacefully and majestically.

The room is warmed to keep the baby comfortable throughout the nappy changes, wrapping and unwrapping. Simultaneously, Lorna plays white noise off her iPhone, turns on a nifty gadget called a Baby Shusher and even has an in-utero heart beat playing in the background. In her cool, gentle confident manner, Lorna effortlessly showed us and her students how to soothe, wrap and position a newborn baby in order to ‘get the shot’.


I don’t imagine many photographers would be open to mentoring and sharing their skills and trade secrets to other ‘potential competitors’ but Lorna hid nothing from them. She was so patient in her teaching style. So generous in her explanations of how to source and set up her gorgeous props and how to adjust the camera settings and shutter speeds. She explained how to work with natural light – she uses no flashes or bright lights with babies so as to not startle or disturb them. She was so calming and gentle to baby Alek who of course happily pooed and peed on poor Lorna…a few times.

All up, we were there for 4hrs. Time flew and I had a great time as Lorna and Emily swaddled, wiped, burped and changed baby Alek. Oh yes, they also got some amazing shots of him which I can’t wait to see! I was only needed at feeding time, and for the rest of the time I worked on my laptop drinking tea and munching on snacks gooing and gaaing over the gorgeous outfits and shots they were taking. Seriously… it was a holiday!

What a lovely, stress-free experience with a talented and gifted photographer who is not afraid to pay it forward to those eager to learn. Bless. xxx


For more information about Lorna and the work she does with newborns, babies, maternity and mentoring see http://www.lornakirkbyphotography.com.au

Or follow her on Facebook Twitter and Instagram @lornakirkbyphotography




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  1. Well done Lydia! A great piece on Lorna & her wonderful talent.
    I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Thanks so much again for being a part of the workshop. Love to your dear little Alek xx

  2. I second that! She is amazing! Lorna has taken both newborn photos of both my girls as well as christmas shots … And I can’t wait to go back and do more … She is just phenomenal and the pictures she captures are timeless x


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