Through sport I’ve pushed my body, broadened my mind and reached deep into my soul to bring out my maximum potential. Some attributes we are born with, they come naturally, but others we learn and train to keep evolving and improving. I’ve met some amazing people who have taught me how to improve my life, my mind and my body and now I’m sharing them with you. 

Photo credit: Lucas Dawson Photography

Six Steps to Goal Setting

As an elite athlete and mother of two young boys, I certainly know a thing or two about goal setting. It’s something that I have done my whole life and something that I’ve become quite good at thanks to the help of mind coach Jeffrey Hodges and our team sports... read more

My top “Fire up” movies

I’m not exactly a movie buff but boy do I love a good flick. My many years on the road as a professional athlete meant a lot of down time – traveling, in transit or just unwinding after a days training or competing. Movie time before bed became routine for... read more

Favourite 5 Park Exercises

Once you become a parent and your child hits toddler age, you’ll start paying attention to where the best parks are at in your neighbourhood because let’s face it, you’re going to spend a lot of time at them. Parks have a lot to offer: They are an essential energy... read more

Cold buster drink

It’s that time of year down under and winter is settling in. The common cold is making it’s way around households, workplaces, kindergartens, schools and day care centres. Never fear, the cold buster drink is here! I got this home recipe off an athlete... read more

Summertime sadness

It’s mid November and summer is on it’s way down under. I’m looking forward to spending time in the sand, sun and surf. Time with family and friends, time building a new home, concentrating on my business BodyICE, staying put for a while and enjoying... read more

Prenatal Yoga with Sansara Yoga

I am a yoga lover. It’s been a part of my routine for over a year now and my body has been thanking me ever since. It’s not just great for my body, but my mind is different with yoga in my life. It’s more clear and more focused. I can relax instantly just... read more

I was a gym snob

  I was a gym snob. For the last 14 years of my aerial skiing career I have rarely set foot in a public gym other than the ones I’ve used when overseas. I have been fortunate enough to work out in the privacy of the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) amongst the... read more

Pregnancy Diary Week 17- The in between

Our bub weighs as much as a turnip! It was a busy week this week with interstate trips, work,  doctor checkups as well as heading back to Mt Buller to catch the spring snow and the annual Abom Mogul Challenge. I’m feeling tired in general this week…. and... read more

The Will To Fly

  Over 2 years ago I was asked by my good friend and talented producer Katie Bender if I wouldn’t mind a feature documentary being made about me. My instant reaction was – seriously? Who would want to watch a documentary about me? A typical Australian reaction – we’re... read more


Just like our muscles, our mind needs constant training and conditioning. It’s our mind that gets us through high-pressure situations. It’s our mind that gets us into and out of ruts. Don’t underestimate its power. Our mind decides all. For over 10 years now, I have... read more

WELCOME to my site – a place to share and reflect on the life experiences I’ve had as a professional athlete, mum, wife and business owner. A place to share my journey and the amazing people who have helped me get the best out of myself. It’s also a place for random snippets relating to food, family, travel and gear I can’t seem to do without. Enjoy!