Just like our muscles, our mind needs constant training and conditioning. It’s our mind that gets us through high-pressure situations. It’s our mind that gets us into and out of ruts. Don’t underestimate its power. Our mind decides all.

For over 10 years now, I have travelled religiously with 3 books. These books go where I go. They are worn and torn but I’ve never grown tired of the content and valuable information inside. I’ve read a lot of books relating to sports psychology, self-improvement and anything that would up skill my mind to make me a better athlete and person. Whilst there are lots of great books out there, none have resonated the same way as those written by long time mental coach and friend Jeffrey Hodges. I’ve played his audio tracks throughout my entire career, so much so that when I hear his voice, I feel instant calm. His voice played inside my head to keep me in form, to get me through injury or to get me out of a slump in confidence, motivation or self-belief.

Working with Jeffrey Hodges (like other gurus I’ve had the pleasure of working with) has changed my life. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, his material is GOLD and worth every penny!


The first book you should read is SPORTSMIND. The best selling ‘bible’ of mental training for athletes, coaches, students and professional sport psychologists – or anyone in fact. Train your mind and emotions as well as you train your body. This book shows you how.

 Features :

  • Positive Self Motivation
  • Goal Achievement
  • Concentration & Focus
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Precision Visualisation
  • Positive Self Image & Confidence
  • Emotional Mastery

The SPORTSMIND TRAINING MANUAL is the essential companion to SPORTSMIND. This training manual, if done properly, will have you thinking differently, reacting to situations differently and will increase your awareness of your thoughts instantly. It’s intense, because it’s 6 weeks straight but so worth while and a really cool process to take yourself through.

This six-week mental training manual will show you how to enhance your concentration, develop powerful self motivation, build a positive mental attitude, set and achieve specific sports goals (or any goal), achieve consistency of performance, and be more confident and relaxed under pressure. I’ve done this training manual more than a few times now and each time my experience has been different because I’m in a different place in my career.

The next must read in his series is Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings. Just when you thought you learnt it all, this book will continue to build on your skills and introduce some new ones.

Elite sportspeople think and feel in specific ways to achieve outstanding sports performances. Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings is about creating the right thoughts and feelings to succeed in sport, business, relationships and your career.

Features :

  • Honing your mental edge
  • Programming yourself for success
  • Releasing negative, limiting beliefs
  • Triggering Positive emotions
  • Developing personal power
  • Case studies from elite sports champions
  • Practical exercises and techniques to immediately enhance your sports performances.

When I first started out as an aerial skier I was desperate to be the best. I was so hungry for success. Jeffrey Hodges was recommended to me after my first Olympic debut in 2002 and I travelled up to Queensland to meet him to do a session. I found his session to be amazing and bought his books and audio tracks (CD’s at the time). I always thought how amazing it would be to work with him all of the time but given our team travelled for 9-10 months/year, it just wasn’t possible. I also didn’t have the money at the time to hire him.

It wasn’t until 2007 after I had endured multiple knee injuries and a series of setbacks that I realized I needed more help. If I was going to give myself the best chance of winning an Olympics, I needed to have the right people around me. Amongst other things, I needed Jeffery Hodges, so I hired him privately. Most of our sessions were conducted through Skype, which was completely fine with me because I travelled so much.

Needless to say, he has been the best investment of my career and my only regret was not investing in him earlier. I guess I just tried to muscle my way through problems and setbacks and tried to figure it out on my own. It wasn’t working.

Investing our minds in completely underrated. We’re quick to buy health insurance, gym memberships, new trainers, supplements or extra gear…but our most powerful asset, our mind, we somehow put on the back burner. It needs to be trained, just as a muscle!

For more information on Jeffrey Hodges and the Sportsmind program click here.

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