FULLTILT SKI BOOTS – there’s no going back.


I have skied in Fulltilt Boots for over 10 years and will NEVER change. They have different ranges/styles depending on the skier you are or want to be. I’m in the “drop kick” which is the ultimate freestyle boot and great for park, pipe, moguls, aerials, powder, groomers or simply cruising around. You can make your own adjustments and replace specific parts to suit your need. For example, I tweak my canting to make sure I’m skiing flat and not on edge, in my jumping boots, I remove the back bolster underneath the cuff so that I can get my legs straight on takeoff. The result……The most comfy boots ever! I won’t ski in anything else.

The plus sides:

  • Super lightweight which counts if you’re flipping and twisting in the air.
  • Toasty, self moulding, comfy liners.
  • Interchangeable tongues. Depending on how stiff you like them you can change the tongue stiffness to whatever is comfy to you. I’m in a #6 which is medium and gives me the right amount of flex for skiing as well as nailing jumps.
  • You can make them last forever because you can replace parts.

The down sides:

  • You might have to replace a buckle, cable or tongue in the lifecycle of your boot. Big deal.

See additional features here or visit Fulltilt to find your dream ski boot.

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