Favourite 5 Park Exercises

Once you become a parent and your child hits toddler age, you’ll start paying attention to where the best parks are at in your neighbourhood because let’s face it, you’re going to spend a lot of time at them.

Parks have a lot to offer:

  • They are an essential energy -burning-tire-your-kid-out activity to ensure you THE PARENT keeps your sanity.
  • Parks are fun and challenging for your kids.
  • Your kids learn to interact and play with other kids.
  • You all get some fresh air.

That’s all good stuff but guess what? It’s also a good opportunity for you, to get a quick workout in. Instead of sipping a latte on the park bench sharing parenting stories with the other mums and dads here’s some fun exercises you can do at pretty much any park.

(Adjust reps/sets to your fitness level) – Keep your eyes on your kids!

Reverse Chins

Reverse chins
A great exercise for your core, chest and upper back. You can change the grip in between sets for some variation.
Start position: Elbows straight but not locked. Activate your core by pulling your belly button to your spine. Press your heels to the ground activating your glutes. Pull the bar to your chest squeezing your scapular towards each other and slowly lower down.
3 x 8-10 slow

Step ups /hops

Step upsThis exercise will get your blood pumping as it uses large muscle groups.
Start position: Find a bench to step up onto. As you step up, activate your core and feel your weight pressing through your heel so that you’re activating your glute as you explode into a hop. Land gently through a soft knee and lower down slowly. Only do the hop if you’ve got good control on the step-up.
3 x 8-10

Hanging Knee Lift/ Pulse /Hold

Hanging liftThis exercise will get you feeling like a kid again! Hang and lift your knees to your chest or to 90degrees. Lower down slowly. As you lift, pull your belly button to your spine as you crunch. Alternate sets with lift, pulse and hold.
3 x 8-10

Seated twisting crunch

Seated twistGrab the baby (or ask to borrow one)– They make good medicine balls! Find a bench, lift your knees as you balance on your sit bones. Draw your belly button to your spine as you activate your core. Lift your baby (slowly) twisting from side to side. 3 x 16

Plank balance alternating legsPlank balance

This exercise is a nice one for your core, pelvis and back. For a tougher version you can lift opposite arm to leg. Otherwise start in a plank position drawing your belly button to your core. Keeping your hips level squeeze your glute and lift your leg off the ground holding for 3 seconds. Keep your hips level and swap sides. 3 x 16

Enjoy x

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