The modern family is continuously evolving and adapting to the environment we create for ourselves. We choose how to live, the values we uphold and how to raise our children. We all have different strategies on how to maintain happiness, balance and peace within our families. Here’s some of my own and of course some that I’ve stolen!

Photo credit: Lucas Dawson Photography

Favourite 5 Park Exercises

Once you become a parent and your child hits toddler age, you’ll start paying attention to where the best parks are at in your neighbourhood because let’s face it, you’re going to spend a lot of time at them. Parks have a lot to offer: They are an essential energy... read more

Cold buster drink

It’s that time of year down under and winter is settling in. The common cold is making it’s way around households, workplaces, kindergartens, schools and day care centres. Never fear, the cold buster drink is here! I got this home recipe off an athlete... read more

The first couple of months

It’s hard to sum up the first couple of months of Alek’s life. I knew the weeks would fly by and indeed they did and baby Alek has changed so much already. Welcoming a new baby is blissful and so much happens in such a short space of time, not just with... read more

Newborn Photography – Lorna Kirkby

When my first-born son Kai was a newborn, I didn’t get any professional shots taken of him. I just didn’t get around to it, so when the opportunity arose to be a part of a newborn photography workshop with Alek, I enthusiastically accepted. The newborn phase passes by... read more

Father’s Day Feast

The dads in my life are pretty marvellous. My dad is a man of incredible effort, work ethic and generosity. My husband and dad to Kai…well what can I say. He’s the most patient, flexible, supportive, loving guy I know who left his homeland of Finland along... read more


Being a professional aerial skier and married to a Fin who is an ex pro mogul skier, it’s hard not to get excited when the ski season rolls around. Even more so now that our son Kai is at the ripe age of 3 and is ‘ski ready’. We put him on skis for the first time at... read more

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