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Six Steps to Goal Setting

5 step goal achievement

As an elite athlete and mother of two young boys, I certainly know a thing or two about goal setting. It’s something that I have done my whole life and something that I’ve become quite good at thanks to the help of mind coach Jeffrey Hodges and our team sports psychologist Barbara Meyers. read more…

My top “Fire up” movies

I’m not exactly a movie buff but boy do I love a good flick. My many years on the road as a professional athlete meant a lot of down time – traveling, in transit or just unwinding after a days training or competing. Movie time before bed became routine for me and still is (although a bit more of a luxury now with two energetic boys).

After all the boxes get ticked off for the day, it’s nice to just switch off and escape in a movie. Escape the intensity of the day I suppose and just give myself a chance to re-set. However, from time to time, I’ve come to rely on a certain list of movies that I watch for one reason only – to fire me up. Whether I’ve hit a performance slump, had a shocker day or just need some good ole m-o-t-i-v-a-t-i-o-n and an extra lift, this list of favourites (which I have re-hashed more than I can count) seem to do the trick.

My top “fire up” movies (in no particular order)….



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Favourite 5 Park Exercises

Once you become a parent and your child hits toddler age, you’ll start paying attention to where the best parks are at in your neighbourhood because let’s face it, you’re going to spend a lot of time at them.

Parks have a lot to offer:

  • They are an essential energy -burning-tire-your-kid-out activity to ensure you THE PARENT keeps your sanity.
  • Parks are fun and challenging for your kids.
  • Your kids learn to interact and play with other kids.
  • You all get some fresh air.

That’s all good stuff but guess what? It’s also a good opportunity for you, to get a quick workout in. Instead of sipping a latte on the park bench sharing parenting stories with the other mums and dads here’s some fun exercises you can do at pretty much any park. read more…

Interview with a Guru – Michael Nixon-Livy, Osteopath, NST

My travels around the world and a career in sport have enabled me to meet and work closely with some truly amazing people. People who are leaders in their fields. People with a strong vision for themselves and their purpose in life. People who empower other people to excel and get the best out of themselves. These ‘people’ are what I like to call ‘Gurus’. The ones I’ve had the pleasure of meeting are often hidden within our society and are somewhat hard to find. They are not outspoken. They do not preach and they are often modest and under-stated about their work and genius skill. Naturally I am drawn to these kinds of people. Mostly, they go about their business, just wanting to improve the lives of others. There is no way I would have achieved the pinnacle in my sport without the help of a few irreplaceable gurus. In this section, Interview with a Guru, I’m going to unlock and reveal some secret weapons and hidden gems. TRUE gurus within numerous fields including psychology, strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports medicine, yoga, clinical pilates and various types of physical therapists.

Guru – Michael Nixon-Livy, Osteopath & Founder of NST
Michael Nixon-Livy

On a recent flight back to Australia from Europe I had the pleasure of sitting next to a lovely Aussie chap by the name of Michael Nixon-Livy. Apart from having a cool name, his gentle and friendly demeanour sparked conversation and we swapped stories of who we were and what we did. His background is in osteopathy however I soon learned that he had founded and developed his own technique called NST – Neurostructural Integration Technique, which he has been teaching all over the world in clinics since it’s inception. After chatting and learning more about his technique, I knew he’d be a good candidate for Interview with a Guru.

What is NST and how are you different?

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Cold buster drink

Cold Buster

It’s that time of year down under and winter is settling in. The common cold is making it’s way around households, workplaces, kindergartens, schools and day care centres. Never fear, the cold buster drink is here!

I got this home recipe off an athlete friend about ten years ago and it’s been my go to anytime I’ve felt a tickle in my throat, or if a bug is going around or generally just when I’ve felt run down and vulnerable to catching ‘something’. It may take some getting used to but I’ve actually grown to like this sweet ‘n’ sour tonic with floating pieces of crunchy, spicy raw ginger.

– 1 tablespoon Manuka Honey
– 1-1.5 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
– 1 cup boiling water
– Fresh ginger slices

It’s very simple to prepare. Just place the Manuka honey, vinegar and fresh ginger slices (I use the potato peeler to get my slices) in a mug and top with boiling water. Stir it up and its ready to go.

You only need to search online for a few minutes to discover the numerous health benefits these ingredients contain (see links below). It’s no surprise this little concoction works wonders. I always travel with Manuka Honey as its not easy to find overseas but the other ingredients are commonly found.

Read more about:

* Manuka Honey – the ‘healing honey’ contains anti-bacterial properties and is indigenous to New Zealand. Manuka honey is made by bees that feed on the flowers of the manuka bush, also known as the tea tree, in New Zealand. Opt for organic if you can.

* Apple Cider Vinegar has numerous health benefits. It truly is a superfluid. Opt for organic if you can.

Ginger is well know for its medicinal properties one being to soothe a nasty cough.