Six Steps to Goal Setting

As an elite athlete and mother of two young boys, I certainly know a thing or two about goal setting. It’s something that I have done my whole life and something that I’ve become quite good at thanks to the help of mind coach Jeffrey Hodges and our team sports... read more

My top “Fire up” movies

I’m not exactly a movie buff but boy do I love a good flick. My many years on the road as a professional athlete meant a lot of down time – traveling, in transit or just unwinding after a days training or competing. Movie time before bed became routine for... read more

Favourite 5 Park Exercises

Once you become a parent and your child hits toddler age, you’ll start paying attention to where the best parks are at in your neighbourhood because let’s face it, you’re going to spend a lot of time at them. Parks have a lot to offer: They are an essential energy... read more

Cold buster drink

It’s that time of year down under and winter is settling in. The common cold is making it’s way around households, workplaces, kindergartens, schools and day care centres. Never fear, the cold buster drink is here! I got this home recipe off an athlete... read more

The first couple of months

It’s hard to sum up the first couple of months of Alek’s life. I knew the weeks would fly by and indeed they did and baby Alek has changed so much already. Welcoming a new baby is blissful and so much happens in such a short space of time, not just with... read more

Cypriot Flaounes

Flaounes are definitely a must for our family during the Easter holidays. And I’m not talking our immediate family, I’m talking EVERYONE. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and any visiting guests that happen to pass by. The making of these cheesy, minty pastries was... read more

Yiayia’s Koulouria

Christmas has been and gone and it doesn’t take long for the shopping aisles to be full of easter treats. Easter always reminds me of my Yiayia and the procession of traditional Easter pastries we would prepare in the lead up and during Easter for the whole... read more

Newborn Photography – Lorna Kirkby

When my first-born son Kai was a newborn, I didn’t get any professional shots taken of him. I just didn’t get around to it, so when the opportunity arose to be a part of a newborn photography workshop with Alek, I enthusiastically accepted. The newborn phase passes by... read more

Bolle Eyewear – Greta

  I am spoiled for choice when it comes to sunglasses. Bolle Eyewear have been a supporter of mine since 2002, so it’s fair to say, they’re family to me. My top pick at the moment from Bolle Eyewear is Greta. She is so light and a great fit for... read more

Raw Energy Balls

  These raw energy balls have been my go to snack for the last couple of months and are so easy to make. They are the perfect pregnancy snack packed with delicious natural goodness not to mention great for the whole family. I personally like them straight out of... read more

Pregnancy Diary 39 weeks – The birth

Now this is a special week! No need for the fruit analogy on size because on the 8th Feb at 5:11am  – two days before the due date, our beautiful baby boy arrived into our arms. He weighed in at 3.192kg and 50.5cm in length but before I go into lengthy details... read more

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